Sunday, March 20, 2011

Join me for a cup of tea in my garden?

Remember the plans for my garden? 

Well it has come to life and I love it!!  The bees and butterflies seem to love it too!!  My wonderful husband along with our friend Mark built my beautiful garden.  Some of the fence posts came from a tear-down and the wood for garden boxes themselves came from a friend with left-over wood (Thank you Tracy!!).  We purchased fabulous rich soil full of good compost and nutrients and the mulch was all free (a fabulous price) from our county recycling center.  Along with the new plantings and a gorgeous Freestone peach tree from our dear friends Helen and Eddie, we are welcoming spring with gusto!

Sweet Cucumbers, Sugar Snap Peas
Cauliflower(just 2), and 3 varieties of Pole Beans

Spring Lettuce and Kale
(Yes, I know, too many but it's survival of the fittest around here)

Heirloom Black Krim, Celebrity, Roma, Best Boy Tomatoes

Blueberries & Blackberries

Beautiful Peach Tree to the left, a birdbath for the bees and butterflies, along with Marigolds for attracting "good" bugs and seedlings popping up Seedballs of Sunflowers!!  Seedballs are made by people with disabilities and a fun way to start a variety of flowers!

Jalapenos, Cayennes, Serranos and Sweet Banana Peppers
Can't wait my son Shane's serious salsa making!!

My peeps keeping busy free-ranging for laying delicious eggs!

Here are my garden tools, and a laminated card of local birds!
Waiting for the annual arrival of our favorite Painted Bunting!!

I keep trying but my manicure is a total loss :/

Come join me for a cup of tea in the center of my garden!

Elsewhere in the yard, the first bloom of the wisteria.
It smells amaaaazing. Bees and butterflies couldn't be happier!

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  1. Spring has definitely graced your garden. I hope you will continue to show photos as the plants grow and bear fruit.

  2. too perfect! so wonderful. and the wisteria to top it off. i don't think i'd ever go inside, looking forward to what you cook once those things get growing!

  3. Ohhh.. it looks soooo gorgeous Leslie.. I just LOVE all the little touches!
    The great 'Martha' herself would be impressed..
    can't wait to try your peach cobbler :)
    I need to hurry back so I can smell that wisteria!!
    So pretty ...


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