Saturday, March 27, 2010

Aloha Cupcakes~Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

24 years ago, my life changed forever.  24 years ago, my angel face daughter was born.  Just look at her now!  This is my darlin' Sweet Pea, Elise Nicole.

Oh there were a few times I wanted to stuff her in a wall and tell everyone she ran away, but she is all grown up now and those days are long, long gone.  Indulge me for a moment if you will, while I brag about my baby.  She's Aries - ALL Aries.  Strong willed.  Strong willed about fairness, about living passionately, about stray animals, about the sea and all it's creatures.  She loves her amazing husband, her family, art, music, her puppies and her country.  This is a girl that was born with salt water in her veins.  With a true love of salt water and all it holds, a passion passed down from her Grandaddy.  Years ago, this was the child of mine that said to me "I'm going to join the Coast Guard and I'm going to get stationed in Hawaii".  We were encouraging "Of course you are Honey" and didn't want to break the news to her that she probably wasn't the first kid that thought that.  But sure enough, at bootcamp graduation, her assignment was announced Honolulu, Hawaii!  I really shouldn't have been surprised, this is the kind of thing happens with her all of the time.  She wills everything to her.  She focuses, meditates, prays and makes it happen.  Since Honolulu she has also served our country in San Diego and now Maui.  I know I know, her life is really rough.  I've stopped trying to tell her this is not normal, it's normal for her. 
She is an amazing artist and is in galleries on the California coast, and the Hawaiian islands, recently a surf shop on the east coast, and a full page story about her in an international surf magazine and many mentions in various other magazines - just to name a few because I can't keep up with it all anymore. 

Too bad Sweetie, it's my blog and I love this picture.

I miss her all the time.  Though she is stationed in Maui now, her home is in Kauai(on the weekends with her husband) we talk two to three times a day. She has become my closest dearest friend.  This, I still find strange, since it was my goal while she was growing up, to not be her friend, but to be her parent.  I was so focused about on being a parent, I never gave much thought to when she was grown.  She could be just a tad difficult at times(extreme understatement). Odd how things work out the way they do.  I am forever blessed.

So since I couldn't be with her for her special day, she just took things into her own hands.  Here are the crazy cupcakes she made for her own birthday.
Aloha Cupcakes

One box WHITE cake mix
3 Eggs
1 1/4 cup water
1/3 cup Veg oil
food coloring (gel or liquid, non-flavored)
fluffy white frosting

Mix the cake mix, eggs, water and oil into one large bowl then,
Evenly distribute the batter into 4 bowls
Put a spoon in each bowl (this is so your colors dont mix)
In each bowl put a different color of food coloring and stir until solid color.

LAYER the colors in each cupcake cup by using one large table spoonful of each color..
Your cups should only be 2/3 the way full so they dont rise too much when baking.

Preheat oven to 350 if its a regular pan, or 325 if it's non-stick or dark metal.

Bake for 18-23 minutes and then let the cupcakes cool to room temperature

I used a freezer bag with only a very small corner cut off the end as a pastry bag for my frosting.

Frost, sprinkle and enjoy!


Elise Nicole Kauffman
Surf Artist

Elise Nicole's cupcake video, crazy kid!  Seriously, who makes a cupcake video?? This is pretty funny.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!  I love you.
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  1. A beautiful tribute to your daughter. They do grow up so very quickly. Enjoy her. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes to your beautiful daughter. She looks so much like you.

  3. I think that is beautiful, your daughter, your story and her cupcakes! My daughter is 17 now and can truly say we are best friends and I pray that never changes. I hope that never changes for you two either.

  4. OOOhh... what a gorgeous sweet pea she is.. you must be such a proud mama!!
    Ahh.. yes the delightful Aries.. I married one and have given birth to a little red head one .. yes .. I know them well!! .. let's just say.. no one is going to push the 'Bulls' around.. hmmm.. except for maybe a goat ( Capricorn) like me .. hehe!!
    Happy Birthday to the fabulous artist Elise Nicole!!!!!

  5. This such a great article... full of love! Thank you for that touching moment!

  6. This was SUCH a sweet post! You and your daughter are so lucky to have each other. She is gorgeous and sounds like a truly amazing person, and you must be as well for raising her.

    Those cupcakes are so pretty! Visually astounding.

  7. Mahalo Nui everyone!! (thank you very much)! And yes the picture of my in uniform is not my fave.. but anything for my mommy! XOXO!

  8. This is a very sweet post. It is evident that you are very proud of your daughter and all her accomplishments. I agree it is quite a blessing to be so close to your little girl.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog... and Happy Birthday to your Sweet Pea! Great post. :)

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    1. I'm not really that smart about this stuff, I have someone else that set up everything for me. You can check with my daughter, she's really good with this.
      She is a surf artist and does postings with her art with some pretty cool features. I hope this helps.


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