Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Sand Between Your Toes

Shurvilleobbs, Part 4, Final in Series
Thank ya'll for coming on our Spring Break trip to North Carolina with me.   We had such great time relaxing in the warm sun, eating eating eating, catching up on reading (love my Kindle), and playing in the sand.  No one, and I mean no one played in the sand more than my crazy brother-in-law, Jeff.  Daily he wrote HUGE messages in the sand.  One I believe he had to take a few pictures and splice them together in photoshop to be able to display in on his blog The Voice In My HeadWe had what he called "almost" quotes from Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, they were marvelous! 
On one of the last days there, he wrote my blog in the sand.  He takes a lot of time making each character with precision.  The way he scoots his feet in the sand is simply mesmerizing.  Along with that, my dear sweet husband surprised me!  Jess, who by the way is probably the most creative person I know, took Doug's paddle from his kayak and drew the girl from my blog.  It was like watching an artist; thinking - stepping back and assessing  - and drawing some more.  It was awesome to watch and it made me feel very special and loved.

Isn't she great!!

My nephew Jackson, I love this little guy!

An a food note, that's why you are here right?  We had dinner at a really fantastic restaurant The Beach Shop and Grill!  Jess ordered the special Shrimp and Grits, and it was unlike any I have ever had and fabulous!  Basically, the chef took the grits and made a patty from them, deep fried it and served it with a delicious shrimp and cream sauce over the top.  Jess must have said at least 6 times through dinner "you have to learn how to make this" which of course meant I got to taste it again.  And yes, I was working it.  He really didn't get to eat very much of his own dinner.  We've been home for about 2 weeks now and he's still talking about it.  I have written to the restaurant and Food and Wine Magazine to see if I can get the recipe.  No response from either yet :(
I am really hoping one of you guys knows someone that can help get it from their Executive Chef John Howell .  Jess and I would be eternally grateful, it really was that good.
We can't wait until next year!  It was so much fun and we miss everyone already. 

Front Row: Jeff, Claire, Janet, Doug, Me, Jess
Back Row: Sydney, Charlotte (Charlie), Jackson, Benny, David (Deeej) 

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  1. What fun! I'm jealous! The ocean looks so gorgeous, I haven't seen it in years!

  2. Awesome vacation! The ocean is gorgeous!

  3. wow .. a paddle artist!! that's amazing she looks so precise!! that was so sweet! It looks like a lovely family time at the beach!!

  4. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Love the sand art:D

  5. I've loved following you along on your trip! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun. That paddle artwork is awesome! I can't believe how accurate your blog icon looks.

    I really hope you get that sounds like a winner.

  6. Lovely beach photos! I need a vacation!

  7. Sure looks like fun to me. Larry


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