Friday, January 1, 2010

Make Your Mama Cry Baby Back Ribs

My husband really does make the best ribs ever. And, yes, I know, everyone thinks they do. My thought on the subject is to take ribs kind of like you do self-help books. Take away what you like best and what works for you and toss the rest. I like these best. Thank goodness, my husband will make them just about anytime we ask him to. If we want a full house of friends and family we just tell a couple of people and mysteriously the house fills up.
Jess's ribs are super tender and literally fall off the bone. They are a touch sweet and have a pretty good kick of spice. They are messy and leave your lips burning a bit. As a practice, I try to pick up a slab or two each time I go to the store and stockpile them in the freezer for when he's ready the next time. It keeps them affordable since he has never made less than about 12 slabs each time. We love them straight out of the smoker and if we are lucky enough to have any left over, we have them cold for breakfast the next morning straight out of the fridge. Many times folks have turned their noses up when they hear that and quickly change their tune the next morning. A fact I have shared and regretted sharing time and time again. Note to self: I have to find a better hiding place in the fridge for my personal stash. That brings me to my personal favorite part of the rib, the end pieces. They are like candy. They are caramelized wonders of spicy meaty goodness. Since foolishly, I shared this secret too, I find our friends digging through the pile looking for the prized end pieces.
Last note Ladies, you can make these yourself. Shock, amaze, and make your husband just a little jealous with your own fabulous ribs. If the smoker is a problem or not available to you, they are almost just as good in a pinch from the oven and your whole house will smell amazing. Sometimes, Jess will start his in the house and finish them on the smoker if the weather isn't cooperating. Either way, the are DELICIOUS!!
Jess's Baby Back Ribs
  • 12 racks Baby Back Ribs
  • 4 pounds Brown Sugar
  • 1 lg can Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning
  • Worchestershire Sauce (you'll use about 1/2 of the bottle)
  • Olive Oil (enough to rub on both sides of ribs)
  • 3 rolls Reynolds Super Heavy Duty Foil (forget about the other brands, or you will have mess on your hands)
  • Charcoal
  • Lighter fluid
  • Chunks of your favorite wood to smoke with (our is pecan)

Prepare your smoker with hot coals in the smoker box. You will want to maintain a temperature in your smoker of about 325 degrees. Fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and place chunks of wood in water to soak.

  1. Directions: Stack 36 sheets of foil about 8 inches longer than your rack of ribs. Each rack will get wrapped in three sheets of foil. Trust me, you don't want to skimp on this part.
  2. Place one slab of ribs on top of the stack of foil.
  3. Rub each side of the rack with olive oil.
  4. With the curved side cupped down. Heavily coat the top with Tony's, be generous!
  5. Pack brown sugar on top of Tony's, making brown sugar layer about 1/2 inch thick. No kidding.
  6. Sprinkle top of brown sugar with Worchestershire Sauce
  7. Fold down long side of foil, snug to top of ribs, then fold up ends, seal tightly
  8. Flip rack over and wrap with second sheet of foil
  9. Flip rack over again and wrap with third sheet of foil.
  10. Shingle, individually wrapped ribs, one in front of the other inside smoker from back to front. You want as much heat to circulate between the rib packages as possible. Maintain the temperature in the smoker at about 325 degrees. They will stay in the smoker for about 3-1/2 hours. (you can do this part in your oven if necessary)
  11. Remove rib packages from smoker
  12. Put damp wood chunks in fire box of smoker, you want lots of smoke, more the better
  13. Unwrap each rack from foil, pouring off juices into large bowl and save. Be careful, the juice is seriously hot
  14. Place ribs back on smoker, you should have tons of smoke pouring out of your smoker. Here they will smoke for about another 45 minutes to an hour. Periodically baste with reserved juices until desired doneness (falling off the bone)
  15. Remove from smoker, let rest for about 5 to 10 minutes and cut between ribs to serve.
  16. Hide a secret stash for yourself for breakfast and serve the rest!

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  1. These are by far the BEST ribs I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Fall off the bone DELICIOUS.......... l o v e them.. mmmmmmmmm

  2. I have had the privilege of dining on these ribs numerous times as well as other marvelous wonders that Leslie has prepared.....I have eaten my share of RIBS and Jess seems to know his way around a smoker! By far these ribs are better than any that I've eaten in restaurants....Superb Recipe


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