Monday, March 21, 2011

Caddy Camping & A Beautiful Moon

When your daughter wants you to go camping with her, you just say yes!  Elise did just this a couple of days ago and wanted us to witness the beautiful moon together.  Never mind that we don't actually own a tent. Our plan, if possible to really call it that, was to pack up the car with blankets and pillows.  Put together a cooler with healthy snacks, fresh fruit, granola, coconut water and wine.  We packed yogurt and fresh berries in mason jars.  Fresh avocados and lemons, along with silver forks, spoons and knives (I said camping, but we weren't really going to totally rough it). 

Saturday afternoon we headed to Enchanted Rock outside of Fredericksburg, Tx.  We played around in Fredericksburg for a bit, then on to our camping destination.  Well, somebody, and I won't name names, didn't think we needed to call ahead and reserve a camping site.  As we found out, every Boy Scout in the western hemisphere had the same idea.  Still focused on our goal, equipped with cameras, binoculars, blanket and flashlights.  We started the hike to the top of Enchanted Rock.  It's a beautiful hike and one worth taking! 

About half way to the top!

Our beautiful moon as it first came up.
The sky was amazing with a gorgeous orange glow.

An hour or so later!

The detail is incredible!

Since Enchanted Rock was all out of camping sites we began the search for a backup plan.  Why do I keep using the word "plan"?  No such thing here.  We began heading back toward home a little disappointed but still having fun.  About 5 miles from home we happened upon a place that we see all the time as we cross the bridge over the Guadalupe River.  Honestly, it always looks a party place, not exactly a place I want to spend the night.  But what the heck, we could always go home.  It was rough to say the least and everyone else was way ahead of us in the party department.  It turned out there were DJ's under the bridge complete with a laser light show.  We found our spot and set up the back of the Cadillac with our blankets, our tasty goodies, wine, candles, music and a deck of cards.  Oh yeah, we locked the doors!!!

My nutty Elise Caddy Camping!

It really was a lot of fun watching stumbling drunk people dancing and howling at the moon.  The best part; I was with my beautiful daughter making crazy fun memories, watching a stellar moon!

At around 4:30 in the morning we awoke to a loud crash from above us.  Somebody apparently lost control of his truck and crashed into the railing of the bridge.  Luckily, he stayed on the bridge.  At that point we were thinking longingly about our cozy comfy beds at home.  I expect going home was probably our best idea yet.  I can't imagine that place would improve with daylight!  But we had a blast with more than our fair share of laughs all under one seriously beautiful moon!

Ooooo spooky!

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