Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goat Cheese, Pesto, Dried Fruits, and Pine Nuts OH MY!


This is delicious and the world's easiest and fastest appetizer to put together!  The original recipe came from my sweet friend Janet in North Carolina which she served as a starter before a fabulous dinner at her home(full dinner on  later post).  I switched things up just a bit.  The original recipe called for dried cranberries, to that I also added chopped dried apricots.  This is a winner Janet, thank you!

Goat Cheese, Pesto, Dried Fruits and Pine Nuts

2-4 oz packages soft goat cheese
4 - 6 T. Pesto
1/2 C dried Cranberries
1/4 C dried Apricots, diced
1/3 C Pine Nuts, toasted
Your favorite crackers

Spread goat cheese in the bottom of low profile serving dish or plate.  Spoon pesto on top and spread to cover goat cheese.  Sprinkle mixture of dried fruits on top of pesto.  Sprinkle toasted pine nuts over dried fruits.  Serve with crackers or toasted baguette slices.  

Takes less than 5 minutes to prepare!  Goat cheese is a breeze to spread if you remove it from the refrigerator a few minutes before you assemble this.

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  1. Simple and delicious! Always the way to go when you're serving guests.

  2. I still need to try goat cheese! I've never before! I always sub it for something in recipes but one of these days I just have to do it. I love appetizers like this though!

  3. This is perfect for a dinner party with friends. It is so simple yet colorful and elegant. I love this!

  4. This is so festive looking. It would be a show-stopper at a potluck party and I'm thinking perfect for the winter holidays too.

  5. This is the best post I have seen today!
    love it!


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