Thursday, March 24, 2011

Salt of the Earth Friends

Our dear and amazing friends Helen and Eddie just got home from a wonderful ski trip in Breckenridge, Colorado and brought back these wonderful salts!  So sorry for the crummy picture, s-o-m-e-b-o-d-y has my camera, Elise Nicole..... :/

The fragrance of these salts is incredible, honestly can't keep my nose out of the little bags! 

Black Truffle Sea Salt "Truffles are a genuine treasure imported from Italy.  Fusion Black Truffle Salt utilizes the unique power of sea salt to intensify the aroma and complex flavors of the exquisite mushroom.  Truffle salt is ideal with egg dishes, pasta, mashed potatoes, red meat...even on popcorn."

Hmmm, maybe my favorite goat cheese omelet??  Yes, that will be perfect!!


Black Smoked Sea Salt " Coarse Sea Salt is smoked over wood and nut shells for 1 week, then sun dried to create this wonderfully flavored salt.  Used for making jerky and rubs, or in soups, BBQ sauces, stuffing.  Also great on fresh tomatoes and cucumbers as well as smoked salmon." 

Smoked salmon it will have to be!!!  I have a beautiful piece of salmon I have been saving that a friend gave to me from his Alaskan fishing trip.  Will prepare and post soon on that one!

You will have to try these for yourself, so in case you can't make it to the charming village of Breckenridge, here's their link to Spice Merchants!  They also have locations in Saugatuck, MI and Ann Arbor, MI. 

Helen tells me their teas are also quite extraordinary!  And speaking of Helen, please stop by her website Helen Wheeler-Shaw, she is an amazing artist with an eye for beauty and the talent to capture it.

I couldn't wait to try at least one of them, so here's what I'm having for breakfast!


Goat Cheese Omelet with Black Truffle Sea Salt, The Chef In My Head

2 farm fresh eggs, (courtesy of Mother Clucker and Betty Jean, my lovely chickens) lightly beaten
1 T. unsalted butter
splash of milk or cream
fresh Thyme, Chives and Tarragon, to taste, finely chopped
2 T. goat cheese
fresh ground pepper
delectable Black Truffle Sea Salt

Melt butter on Med-LOW heat in a small skillet or omelet pan. Combine about 2 tsp. or so of the fresh herbs into the eggs and splash of milk or cream.  Add eggs to the heated pan, slowly and lightly stir to evenly distribute and cook eggs, lifting the eggs a bit around the edges of pan to allow the uncooked egg underneath.  When omelet is just set, spoon goat cheese onto center of eggs.  Fold omelet in half over the goat cheese and slide omelet onto plate.  Garnish with pepper, Black Truffle Sea Salt and fresh herbs.

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Damn, that was good!

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  1. Flavored salts are truly incredibly things! They can add so much flavor with just a speckle of salt. The meal you made with that black truffle salt sounds delicious!

  2. You are a lucky gal! That omelet looks wonderful. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Oh why havn't I thought of this?!! Goat cheese omelate, YES please! I don't know if I can wait till morning to have this I totally have everything on hand, well I have French Grey Sea Salt but that'll do. ;)
    Oh, and I'm LMAO at your chickens names! Haahaaaa! love it.
    So glad I came across your blog through Kahaki Kitchen.

  4. I absolutely adore different kinds of salts! The goat cheese omelet sounds wonderful with the black truffle salt, yum!

  5. I LOVE goat cheese and in an omelet that sound GREAT!!!
    THANKS for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  6. Mmm, smoked salt mixed into anything chocolate is divine.


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