Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Confess...

I am a Food Network junkie.  Oh, I know there are others of you out there.  It's always on in the background.  And the reverse button on the DVR is one of the greatest buttons ever invented.  Your family, your friends, your dog all make fun of you because it's on ALL of the time.  They just don't understand and seriously, why do they think it's okay to make fun of us, they eat don't they??

So here is my expert analysis and take on just a few of the various shows and Chefs (God, I wish I was one!):

Tyler Florence - I most identify with his cooking.  Remember, I sound just like Cher when I sing, it's kind of like that.  I love how straight forward his meals are, easy to prepare, good instructions and beautifully balanced flavors.  My only critisism, what's up with the "boom"?  I don't know, I guess "bam" worked for Emeril.

Alton Brown - He's really grown on me over the years.  He's kind of like "Cooks Illustrated" for TV.  It never fails, I always learn something from his show and Iron Chef (can only take that one in small doses though).

Ina Garten - I want to be her in my next life, but with my husband.  Love that house, specifically the kitchen.  I love her table settings and everyone should have a florist that doesn't have anything better to do than decorate their table.  Her garden, I am trying desperately to duplicate in my backyard, but I bet they don't have droughts in the Hamptons that last for years like here.  Jeeze, enough is enough with that heat already.  I do actually try a lot of her recipes, Chocolate Ganache Cake and her chicken salad with the tarragon, grapes and nuts - Yum!

Rachel Ray- What a money making machine.  Nuff said.

Brian Boitano - What a cutie and a surprise.  Nice to have someone new.

Cat Cora - Very impressed, I wouldn't mind being her in a next life either, but with my husband.  Hmmm? That might be a problem.

Michael Chiarello - I just love him and his food.  Parties all the time, living on a vineyard.  Maybe if I'm a man in my next life, I'll be him.

And last but not least.......

Giada De Laurentiis - We call her kitchen porn.  What's up with all the clevage?  And if you close your eyes, I swear that's porn movie music.  Not that I have actually seen one of those kind of movies, but that's what I hear it sounds like, like if I actually ever watched one, you know, but, oh, never mind.  You understand.

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  1. Love you mini reviews of FNTV stars. Have a great day. You started mine with a smile.

  2. I found my way over here from One Perfect Bite. My husband is the food network junkie. The one person I really cannot watch is Alton. Don't know why. He just seems to get on my nerves. I think he reminds me too much of a science teacher :) Enjoyed my visit!


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