Monday, April 12, 2010

Texas Skippers

Part Three ~ Shurvilleobbs 2010
Texas Skippers

Last year, on what now has become an annual Spring Break trip for us to North Carolina we brought a "little Texas" (oxymoron) with us to share with The Dobbs (my sister's family) and The Melvilles (their neighbors), remember Dooog??  Well here, just so you don't forget anytime soon, here he is!

Doug before

And... Doug after, yum!
And yes ladies, it's true.

Back to my story.  Texas Skipper, as we named it, is a refreshing summer time drink.  I think it was originally called a Ginger something-or-another, but after a few, we got really creative and decided it need a better name.  Texas Ginger sounded stupid, Texas Gilligan wasn't any better, MaryAnne and Gilligan didn't work either, The Professor, now seriously.  So in our alcohol induced infinite wisdom, we firmly decided on the now famous TEXAS SKIPPER! 

You can't get any lower cal than this!

Texas Skipper

1 part good quality Gin
2 parts Diet Ginger Ale
Squeeze of fresh lime

Makes one really great drink in whatever size glass, tumbler, or Bubba Keg(sold at your local Wal-Mart) you choose.

My husband Jess.  Yeah, no Skippers there.

Uh oh Jeff, counting is a very bad sign.

Jess is really left handed.


Texas Claire & Skipper to Janet's right

I don't know what happened there.
"Sharkweek" plug for my son.
No worries, no drinking in the car.

Sweet Janet and Texas Claire

Lots more food recipes to come!  Janet and Claire are both fabulous cooks.  We ate a lot and we ate good.   We are so fortunate to be able to add Janet and Doug along with their three beautiful children as super fun friends!

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  1. what a great drink..I'm from I'm opartial to anything texasy ...looks like you had a great time


  2. I was born in Aransas Pass, next to port aransas..I have lived in Driscoll texas, killeen texas(army) now I am in Edinburg texas-hubby in the masters program at UTPA..oh Edinburg or the rio grande valley rocks mexican food..oh it!! thanks or stopping by oh I love mme some rocket basketball..luis scola..drool

  3. It looks like you all were having a wonderful time. The drink sounds terrific. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary


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