Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finally!!! My Egg and I

Our very first EGG!!!

We got our first egg!!!  You could probably hear me all the way from our hill top in Texas!!  WE GOT AN EGG...WE GOT AN EGG!!  I believe I heard the chicken angel singing!  My husband thinks I'm crazy, so what else is new, jumping up and down yelling WE GOT OUR FIRST EGG!  Then Mr. Math starts to calculate what that first egg probably cost us.  WHO CARES!  WE GOT AN EGG and I am officially an egg farmer, well at least for my own family. 

No, I have eggactly no idea which one of our little feathered friends produced this masterpiece.  It could have been Marsala, she's the prettiest one, or Long Neck Lucy, or Betty Jean (named for my sweet mother-in-law), Maddie Rose(the one we adopted and saved from the massive chicken slaughter from a varmint of some kind), or Mother Clucker (she thinks she's in charge).  There really is a pecking order of sorts. 

We my dear friend Augustine and I have had a bet since we got our peeps.  The first one that has a chicken that lays an egg, the other one has to cook for them.  So August was my very first phone call, guess what I said, WE GOT AN EGG, then all grown up like, NANNY-NANNY-BOO-BOO!   I then proceeded to place my order for a beautiful Cheese Souffle.   August is a fabulous cook, so I know my souffle will be scrumptious!!  August, I am available for dinner anytime this week.

Here are the peeps when the were little, with poor Velma (the white one) that a nasty old hawk took away.  Through much diligence (and more money), the others have survived.

And the lovely ladies now! Guess which one is Lucy??

What should I cook with my very first egg??????

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  1. Eggscelent work by the chicks!!
    A fried egg would let several people try it, a scrambled egg
    could go a little farther, but a TOM and JERRY would certainly
    be the ultimate taste test.....AHHH liquid Heaven!!!
    Better go with the scrambled.

    p.s. Keep a running count of production.


  2. Congratulations!! Well, your Mom said You should "suck" out the egg and save this famous shell for posterity.


  3. To Mark: Splendid idea! We should have a post dedicated just to the wonderful "Tom & Jerry"!

    To Dad: How about we don't and say we did?

  4. After hounding Collin so many times for eggs, you finally can get your own! Congratulations, the chickens look great! I can't wait to come back home and see you guys. When you aren't busy enjoying August's souffle tell Emil and him hello for me. I miss you guys and love you all very much.



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