Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring Break 2011 ~ St. George Island, Florida

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Daddy!
We love you!
 Leslie, Jess, Shane, Elise,Claire, Jeff, Jackson, & Sydney

This year's Spring Break was extra special as we were celebrating the Parental Units 50th!  Destination: St. George Island, Florida located just across the bridge from Apalachicola, Florida world famous for it's fabulous fresh oysters!! 

Boss Oysters is ranked as one of the top 10 oyster bars in the United States!  And yes, we ate the heck out of these babies, the more Tabasco the better!!  On the half-shell, fried, baked, in bisque, in gumbo, etc!

We fished and fished and fished!
Jeff, Daddy and Jess

Pompano and Claire caught in a private moment

Daddy set up a 10-hour charter for us with one of his captains and it was one of those absolutely perfect days offshore.  Not too hot, great seas, ice cold beer and A/C on the boat, a spot-on Captain, a ten-armed First Mate and fish on for everybody!!!

Me in my happy place!

Awesome Captain and First Mate

Me, My Amberjack and First Mate Shelley

Jess with his Amberjack

Daddy and Claire, now that's togetherness!

Daddy with his Amberjack

Go Claire, our Daddy taught his girls how to fish!!

Claire with her Amberjack

Holy Crap Jeff!!!


Just kidding, Jeff with his Amberjack!

Claire with a gorgeous Red Grouper! YUM!

Vermillion Snapper, Amberjack, Red Grouper, Trigger
All delicious and all in our freezers!
(Check out the Amberjack on the right, he ate one of our snapper while in the fish box)

Shopping in Apalachicola

The Tin Shed, Apalachicola, Florida
Super cool shopping!

Jackson the deep sea diver

Just for you Jackson!

Fourth one down please!

And back at the sunny beach...

Jackson and Sydney excavating tunnels in the sand

Elise on a dare from Sydney

Yeah, well Elise invented tunnelling in the sand


Jeff and Jess, going fishing off the beach

Sydney, I don't want to go home either.
We'll be back, I promise.

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  1. I just ate one of these amberjack last night..
    wow!!!!! was it seriously delicious!! thanks so much Leslie!!!!!! I'm sure it was one that you caught! :)... sure looks like an idyllic holiday!!!


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