Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Funny Valentine~Fresh Fruit & Greek Yogurt with Honey

The King of Romance

I can't take credit for this one.  My husband (The King of Romance) came home, told me to leave the kitchen and created this beautiful dessert just for me!  He's so thoughtful and so creative; this is true ALL of the time.  It kind of makes some of our friends a little sick, but I love it and of course I love him too!

King of Romance Valentine Dessert
Makes 2 dessert plates

4 Oz. container of Vanilla Flavored Greek Yogurt
Honey for drizzling
Star fruit, sliced
Kiwi, peeled & sliced
Strawberries, sliced
Papaya, peeled & sliced

Cover dessert plate with half of the vanilla yogurt.  Layer sliced fruits over yogurt.  Use chocolate sticks to pierce center of star fruit and arrange around edge of plate.  Drizzle with Honey and serve.

This is what I found underneath!

And.... this silly guy for my garden!!
He needs a name befitting Valentine's Day!

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