Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beer-Eyed Black-Eyed Peas featured on Craft Beer!

HAPPY 2012!!!  The follow post was originally from 2011 but so delicious it made it re-post worthy!!  These really are the very best Black-Eyed Peas I've ever had.  Special thank you to my awesome brother-in-law, they were lovingly made and enjoyed by all.

Happy New Year!  ~Leslie

PS  2011 was a fantastic year although I failed miserably at consistent blogging!  What is that saying???  Don't change your goal, just your time frame ;)

Happy New Year to all!!!   It's been crazy but it's been fun and we are really looking forward to an awesome 2011!  New Year's blog on a consistent basis!

Check this out Beer-Eyed Black-Eyed Peas , my brother in law's awesome recipe I posted for the 2010 New Year was requested to post on Craft Beer's website.  I was super excited to be asked and it's fun being featured on a public website. 

Please be sure to check out the original recipe on my sidebar, they left the really good (and important) parts!!

Visualize your 2011 and go for it!

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